TriMetal Tangos

Tri-Color Metal Tango!!!
Something really different in art glass jewelry!
Handpainted, designed and etched by me, then sealed forever by the kilns high heat between black and clear glass......

Classic colors of metals in gold, copper, silver and bronze tones are a true "go anywhere" compliment to your wardrobe!

Or a great (no-fail) gift idea! Being wonderfully unique yet using neutral colors.


You will not see these designs or this technique duplicated anywhere!

My own unique formula of mineral based paint maintains it's beautiful color even in the high heat of the kiln!

I create a small painting on a beautiful clear piece of glass and then flip it over onto black glass, further embellishing with hand applied 22K gold overglaze. Finally, firing it in my kiln, forever sealing the painting between the layers of glass

Each piece is unique...

Holly Sokol, fused glass, triangle pendant
Holly Sokol, fused glass and pearls Holly Sokol, fused glass

Tri-Metal Tango! Tri-angles!

Tri-Color Metals Pendants! Necklaces  

Holly Sokol, fused glass and pearls
Black and White Earrings! NEW DESIGNS!!!! Black and White Pendants
Tri-Metal Earrings NEW DESIGNS!!!! Posts

Holly Sokol

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