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Blog and Stuff!The Studio Prescott, Cool Poems and Thoughts, , New Dog Milo 2010



Finally vacation!! January at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta Mexico Yay!! Great way to start off the year!!


Mousai rooftop pool.14 stories high, a place like no other!!



Glass casting from scratch! I created the molds and cast dichroic glass bears!




Finally finished!!




At the Scottsdale Arts Festival.... I should be in my booth!!




Studio build!





Get ready for Fall 2012 !!

Pantone Top Fall Colors!


More info

(Pantone Web site.)

For color inspiration...

Check-out my Pinterest "Fashion Trends" board.



Great Colorado Summer! 2012                                                                        Monument Valley.. Awesome!

 View from I 70 Near Evergreen.


July 2012.... Evergreen High School Reunion... Fantastic to see old friends!! (Not saying' what year!)

This group all went all our school years in Evergreen!


Wilmont Elementary to EHS

  Had to bring Milo to the picnic!

Oh Colorado!! Summer 2011

What can I say, it was fabulous!!




Early Summer 2010

Something different!!...

I made something for my own house!!! Yeah!!!

This chandelier is hanging in my kitchen/dinning area. it was made with cool glass bubbles with fused dichroic glass embellishments with copper foil base and lots of copper wire wrapping.

OK. I love it!!!


Studio Spring 2010

I've been doing some awesome collectors necklaces!!!

These days, statement necklaces are being worn with everything from formal nights to jeans. They are the hottest thing going, that said, I've been selling them to collectors, in galleries and art festivals for 20 years!!

How much FUN are these!!??..


The Dichroic Glass "jewels" (center pieces) are layered with as many as six layers. With-in it, there is an added depth of hand etching (note the spiral), design and exotic glass all fired at high temperatures to fuse into jewel quality. After the "jewel" is made, it is ground and shaped then placed on black glass designed with an etched mosaic of dichroic glass which I assemble around it, 24K Gold over glaze is painted on creating more detail and then re-fired at a lower temperature to retain texture to the glass and overall piece.

The Dichroic "Nuggets" are torch formed by ME!
Further wire wrapping and embellishments with 14K gold filled wire dichroic "nuggets" glass, more fired elements are added, niobium and beads.

Available in my Etsy store click here!!

Spring 2010 News on the Home Front

Biggest news is...

Mighty Milo!! My new dog!! He Is just a year old.. He came into my life in a way that just said "this is meant to be!"  A friend and fellow artist had decided that she ....Perhaps. Was not the best dog owner and although she loved and adored Milo she felt the need to give him a home with someone who spoke "dog". Since I have not felt quite like whole person since I lost Magic .. it was time for me .. I knew it! He is a fantastic pup!! Perfect in many ways for me!!  ... It was a God thing! AND you know what God spelled backward is... Right!??

He is a rare breed called a Coton de Tulear .. an off shoot of the Bishon from Madagascar ... who knew!

                                                         Happiness is a warm Puppy!!                                                                                       I amz da master a diz toy!!!



            Handsome lad!!                                                                                I may be small... BUT I gotz a big life ahead o mez!


2009:  For the first time in my life I own a cat!

I needed a very wise and level headed cat (almost as close as a cat can be to being a dog).. which is exactly what she is... willing to teach me the ways of cats. A new adventure in animals!!!


Dogs and my wildlife!

8/2008:Note to those of you who knew her, Magic passed away on June 23, 2008 ....

She was almost 18 years old! She had a long and full life!... She gave her heart to me every day! I think ... she was like the the rabbit in the book "The Velveteen Rabbit" (though, of course, she was not a stuffed toy) she was loved and so loved that she became a "real person" in every sense of the word. She had a very BIG personality!... It was my honor to have known her!

Link to a small tribute slide show.....

1/2008 Pics of my beloved 17 year old lhasa-poo "Magic". Many of you know her as she has made it her life's work to be by my side and my protector "in all things" including art shows.



  and of course True the" Labby" (Corgy-Lab Mix) who sadly passed away in July 2010..  now waiting (and playing) across the "Rainbow Bridge"

I thought It would be cool to post some photos of my Prescott wildlife, There are some real characters and some shy ones, many times I see them right outside my studio window while I'm working.
I put them on a separate page:  Holly's wildlife ....


Around the Studio!

August, 23 2008 ;

Wow what a summer! 7 straight shows in Colorado! Yikes! That was hard! It was a great trip- fun and profitable! I'll post some pictures soon!

Lots of new Ideas ... coming!

Jan 2008... work:

I have been creating some new great designs and looks for spring! I know I need to update the web site! I just keep selling the stuff before I can get a picture of it! I just sent a large amount of my "tri-metals"   down to the Tucson Gem show (see art shows and events). It should be interesting to see how that goes. Art galleries in particular increasingly seem to recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of these designs and techniques. As much as people love and are fascinated by the the wonderful colors of Dichroic glass the tri-metal neutrals are really my "bread and butter".... It has taken me years to perfect this particular technique and and application of materials to create a painting fused between a layer of clear and black glass.

Cool Poems and Thoughts.


I remember Galileo describing the mind
as a piece of paper blown around by the wind,
and I loved the sight of it sticking to a tree
or jumping into the back seat of a car,
and for years I watched paper leap through my cities;
but yesterday I saw the mind was a squirrel caught crossing
Rout 80 between the wheels of a giant truck,
dancing back and forth like a thin leaf,
or a frightened string, for only two seconds living
on the white concrete before he got away,
his life shortened by all that terror, his head
jerking, his yellow teeth ground down to dust.

It was the speed of the squirrel and his lowness to the ground,
his great purpose and the alertness of his dancing,
that showed me the difference between him and paper.
Paper will do in theory, when there is time
to sit back in a metal chair and study shadows;
but for this life I need a squirrel,
his clawed feet spread, his whole soul quivering,
the hot wind rushing through his hair,
the loud noise shaking him from head to tail.
    O philosophical mind, O mind of paper, I need a squirrel
finishing his wild dash across the highway,
rushing up his green ungoverned hillside.

"Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow"

Norman Vincent Peal

"Courage does not always roar. Sometimes it is a quiet voice at the end of the day, saying ... I'll try again tomorrow."

Mary Anne Radmacher