DICHROIC Spot of Light  Sterling Dangles

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My exclusive "Mermaid Tear" designs!

I have found a secret way to capture a Mermaid's tears! These were given to me near the island of St. John so naturally these are the color of the Blue Caribbean (who has she shed them for? I promised I wouldn't tell but, it was because someone was loved!)... mystical, fantastic... Good fortune!

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NEW! Hand cast bears in dichroic glass


 This process involves the creation of specilized molds, mutiple firings and watching very carefully!!


I created my own molds to bend these beauties in my kiln.

Statement Necklaces...





More Statement Necklaces!!

Holly Sokol, Dichroic Glass, Necklace, fused glass jewelry, kiln-fired glass by Holly, HSokol.etsy.com


Our Allie Modeling

Layering Bracelets!

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Trees and Tree of Life..

I have designed and hand painted each with minerals

fired between three layers of glass to add a fascinating depth.



Small and Tiny studs ... Mermaid Tears!!

Inner Light  ~ Holly Sokol ~  Prescott, AZ  

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