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Tri-Metal Triangle Necklace                                   22
Gold, Copper and Silver painting under Glass......Goes everywhere!

Reverse Painting on Glass. Each piece is unique, using my own formula for a metal based paint that withstands the high heat of the kiln, I create a mini painting on a beautiful clear glass and then flip it over, further embellishing with hand applied 22K gold and then it is fired on black or iridescent glass ( forever sealing the painting between the layers of glass).

Pendant: 1.25" x 1.25"

48.00 (as shown on 18" chain)

$28.00 (on 34" adjustable black linen cord)

* Note these pendants sell quickly so I may not have this EXACT piece in that case I will send you a pendant that is as good or better .... of course satisfaction guaranteed!  (have never had a one returned yet!)

(Online purchase coming soon]

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Match it!

Tri-Metal Triangle  23
Price: $26.00

Tri-Metal Small   24
Price: $13.50